It’s that time of year again. Hushed whispers soon to become big announcements of 2010 programming from our national theatre companies. While some smaller theatre companies and orchestras have already released their seasons, within the next two weeks we should know what our big theatres are serving up for 2010.

I’m interested, from a playwright’s perspective, what do you hope will make the cut? What have we been missing in our theatres, or what do you want even more of?

Here are my big asks:

- For mainstage theatres to not be afraid of programming young writers. (This year QTC programmed 20 year old Polly Stenham’s That Face. More of that please)

- The classics (but not unless you are going to do something new and interesting with these plays!)

- More Australian writers, especially voices that we have not heard much from

- FEMALE playwrights. The imbalance is unacceptable in most programming

- More works that push the boundaries of theatre, that embrace risk and that don’t consider the ‘blue rinse brigade’

- Exciting new voices from Europe. A new world of style and dialogue has been opened up to me since attending World Interplay

- August: Osage County. Please, someone in Sydney just do it!

I am just scratching the surface here – what would you add to the list?

Ps. Spoilers not wanted here! I am having to keep tight-lipped about the company I work for. You can too.

Happy writing,